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Stressed? Anxious?

All the ideas in your mind about pregnancy were placed there; either through media or through conversations. Many times, these ideas come from a place of fear and anxiety. Let's work to change and erase that with the power of affirmations. 

Affirmations truly have the ability to transform your mind and this is because the mind doesn’t know the difference between real or fantasy. Your non-conscious mind believes everything it thinks, sees, and hears is real.  It cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy or between the truth or a lie.

This should be the most joyous time of your life, and if it's not, let's do the work together, to get you to that place.  

You'll receive:

  • a deck of 30 inspirational messages
  • daily audio/visual messages to accompany each daily card

Once you purchase your cards, you'll also gain access to 30 days of audio guided motivational messages; you'll never take this Journey to Motherhood alone.



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