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Our Story

I'm so glad you found this page. During my own pregnancy, I was disappointed with the lack of choices for woman in Miami, FL. Currently working as a Postpartum (Mother/Baby or OB) nurse, I understand the importance of having access to medical attention during pregnancy, childbirth, and post. However, I also realize this is not every woman's wish; myself included. A healthy woman should access to resources that will help a create a birth experience that aligns with her desires.  Whether those desires are to labor freely with access to food, in a dimly lit room, with the music of her desire playing, and then being able to bond for an unlimited amount of time with her newborn. Or maybe you dream of having access to epidurals to help alleviate the pain. Either way. I'm here to help. 

So what's my goal? To support you. To give you access to information so you can make an informed decision; without judgement; to support and motivate you.  Browse through these pages. You'll find blogs on all tops pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and beyond. There are tons of free resources including videos from some amazing breastfeeding moms just like you! Visit the services page and decide how we can best work together to help you achieve your goal. 

We go further together.

Nicole Vascianna, RN, CLEC